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Constantine was a project Warner Bros. never had much confidence in. It was a case of simply pulling the trigger and seeing what happened. Despite that, the final result was a really good movie, with one of 's best performances and plenty of stylish world building done on a modest blockbuster budget. Since the 2005 release there's been rumblings of a sequel, but no serious headlines to speak of.

In fact, the other day commented on the sequel himself, exclaiming interest in reprising his role as John Constantine. As for its director, , he's a rather busy man these days. With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire about to become a box-office smash and being hard at work on its two followups, Lawrence's schedule for the next two years are spoken for.

Speaking with Mr. Lawrence, we asked if the sequel was ever close to happening. Here's what he had to say:

"God, I haven't heard anything about that project in a really long time, but it's always a possibility. We did try a couple of times. There was one time we actually worked with Frank [Cappello], who wrote the first draft of the script I did, and he had a pretty interesting pitch. We wanted to let him try it, but nobody was really that into it. Then it fizzled a little bit. Also, it's tricky getting everyone's schedules lined up. You know, it would've been really interesting to do the 35 million dollar hard-R version of a Constantine. That would've been fun."

That 35 million dollar approach is probably better suited for John Constantine. He's by no means a commercial friendly leading man. The recent talk of a television series might be a good place for the character, but seeing another movie with Reeves and Lawrence is the more appealing choice. As Lawrence says, it's always a possibility. Whatever happens, it's doubtful we won't see another film starring John Constantine anytime soon.

UPDATE: Constantine is now coming to TV!


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