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Hey, remember that time about seven months ago when the revolving door that was the insane casting process for The Crow reboot finally, FINALLY ended and we learned that was the actor who had ultimately landed the role? And we were all still kind of "enh" about a remake, but hey, at least we finally had our actor?

Yeah, strike that. Reverse it.

According to The Schmoes Know insider scoop machine, The Phantom, things fell apart with Evans and now he's out. But his loss may be our gain, as the actor they're supposedly eyeballing for the lead role of Eric Draven is none other than The Walking Dead's resident kicker of zombies and asses, . Can you picture it?

Which is...actually about as perfect a bit of casting as you could hope for. If it must get remade, and it appears it must, we should at least get someone with a mix of darkness, snark, and bad boy street cred, and who better to fulfill that role than Reedus?

On the other hand, considering the track record of this project, it's entirely possible we'll be hearing that he's out of the running two weeks from now. But for now, we can rejoice in the fact we might get an actor with a legitimate cool factor in the iconic role. What are your thoughts?

(Source: Schmoes Know)

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