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Writer-director is one of the fastest-rising stars in the horror genre, with a slew of smart, innovative projects under his belt, including ABCs of Death, V/H/S and just-released V/H/S/2, and buzzed-about You're Next, with its creepy viral marketing campaign, finally hitting theaters in August.

Recently, Rob Fee over at Man Cave Daily sat down with the director for a quirky interview, with some questions pertaining to Barrett's work, and some of them being just plain silly. Here are some of the best from the interview:

You’ve become one of the most innovative names in horror, what are some of your favorite horror movies and filmmakers?

Well thanks! Like most filmmakers of my generation, I grew up obsessed with the early works of Sam Raimi and Peter Jackson. Like, it was impossible to have any appreciation for genre cinema and not obsess over 'Evil Dead II' and 'Bad Taste'. 'Re-Animator' and the original 'Night of the Living Dead' also made huge impressions on me. And Frank Henenlotter’s 'Brain Damage'.

One of your first credits is writing the TV movie Frankenfish starring Tory Kittles from Get Rich or Die Tryin’. How is your life similar to 50 Cent?

We both get weirdly outraged when our grandmothers ask us to take out the trash? Hmm, weird coincidence, Toronto International Film Festival programmer Colin Geddes just recently dug up a publicity bio for me from 2004 in which I compared myself to 50 Cent, because I’m a horrible person and I can’t take bios seriously.

If you were on a date and she ordered an oatmeal raisin cookie, how would you explain driving home and leaving her at the restaurant?

Actually, I have a plan for this exact situation. Every day I draw out about a pint of my blood and I put it in the fridge, and then when I go on dates, I make sure to fill up a large bucket in my trunk. If the date doesn’t go well, I excuse myself, go out to my car, pour out all the blood into the parking lot, smash a couple of things and quickly drive away. My date will be mad that I left, until the police test the blood and they discover it’s all mine. Then they say, “I’m sorry…we’re not sure what happened here, but there’s no way anyone could lose that much blood and still be alive.” Then she’s sad and never forgets me. Meanwhile, I’ve changed my name and moved to another state. It’s the perfect plan. So far, though, I’ve only had to do this twice.

If you could reboot one horror franchise besides Leprechaun what would it be?

Adam and I may end up rebooting a horror franchise someday, we’ve been offered a few, so I need to be careful in my answers here. Like, I want to say Tremors, because that’s such an incredible film and you could set it somewhere different… but the reason I love that movie is because it’s just perfectly executed, so I couldn’t improve on it, and a reboot would just be hated by fans of the original. I feel the same way about Candyman and Hellraiser. The ideal reboot is a franchise that had a cool concept, but could still be updated or improved upon… to that extent, I’d have loved to do a reboot of The Hills Have Eyes or Dawn of the Dead, but those will take some time to come around again. So, fuck it, Sleepaway Camp. Also, I have of course seen all of the Leprechaun movies, and I want to take this opportunity to say that Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood is my favorite.

The whole interview is entertaining, and well worth the quick read. You can read the rest of it HERE, and make sure to see the fruits of Barrett's horror genius in V/H/S/2, out on iTunes and Amazon, and You're Next, hitting theaters on August 23rd.


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