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The incredible news just keeps on coming for anyone who's a fan of Top Gun. Following the exciting announcement that there will be a Top Gun sequel, came Tom Cruise's bombshell that he would “start filming it probably in the next year.” And then came word that TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski was likely to direct. And if all that didn't give everyone a coronary, then the following will:

Val Kilmer Is Ready To Bring Iceman Back!

It makes sense, really. You can't have Top Gun without both Maverick and Iceman. Earlier, the actor took to Instagram to share his excitement about the possibility of returning for the sequel. And boy, are we as thrilled as he is.

This is one of those things where you really don't care what role plays. Starting out as rivals, Iceman and Maverick left things on good terms at the end of , so it would make sense that they could still be buddies at the beginning of the sequel. This is all assuming Kilmer brings Iceman back.

Which he has to. I really, really can't stress that enough.

If Iceman — I mean when Iceman returns to , Kilmer will have his work cut out for him. He's had his share of health problems over the last few years, admitting via a Reddit AMA that he has been battling cancer, following years of denials. Given his enthusiasm, you wouldn't be able to tell that his health has been suffering, having also declared via Reddit that he would love to play Batman again, if given the chance.

Now how can that not make you smile?

Top Gun 2 is moving along so fast! You have clearance to buzz the comment section and let us know how excited or disappointed you are that a sequel is coming! Or, browse more Top Gun 2 news:


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