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Valentine's Day is among us. It's time for dinner reservations, flowers, candy, and making our significant others feel appreciated. Sometimes, this day is a bit cliché and as you get older, you appreciate the holiday less and appreciate your partner more than just once a year. Maybe you just want to sit in with a romantic movie that the two of you can enjoy together and laugh. You might also have kids or are just not that into raunchy movies but still want to watch soothing loving. What I have here is a list of romantic comedies for everyone — from family movies, to sweet and goofy movies and movies that joke about putting balls in holes (and not just skeeball).

8. 'What's Your Number?'

 'What's Your Number?' [Credit: Fox]
'What's Your Number?' [Credit: Fox]

I am going to start this with my all-time favorite romantic . Anna Faris and have the typical "of course they are going to get together" story in the movie. Despite being able to see it a mile away, it doesn't take away anything from the story. It's hilarious, silly, sweet, and heartwarming in a way that is cheesy but not too corny. It's a movie that both men and women will absolutely love.

Whether it's you first date or maybe it's your first Valentine's Day together, this is the perfect movie for you. It's not mushy or too lovey, but still has all of the elements of a great romantic story — the perfect combination of silly, raunchy and sweet.

7. 'Playing It Cool'

'Playing It Cool' [Credit: Vertical Entertainment]
'Playing It Cool' [Credit: Vertical Entertainment]

I caught this movie by accident. I saw Chris Evans was in it, gave it a shot and loved everything about it. Chris Evans plays a writer bent on writing a story about the ugly truth of love: It's brutal and tough. Problem is, Evans's character won't allow himself to love or be loved, which gives him his negative view on love and relationships. That is, until Michelle Monaghan comes along and is everything that that he wants in a woman. Too bad she's engaged.

What makes this movie so special is it shows how love really works (not the cheating part). You really have to work for what you want. A lot of the time you end up doing a lot of embarrassing things and working hard to let the person you want in your life know you love them. Another great thing about this movie are the small parts that Anthony Mackey, Topher Grace, Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson, and Ioan Gruffudd play in the movie.

6. 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall '

We've all had our hearts broken at some point in time (if you haven't, I don't recommend it). This is the story of how a guy (Jason Segel) did his best to forget a woman who breaks his heart (Kristen Bell). Sitting around sulking didn't work and neither did having random sex with tons of women. So what does he do? He goes to Hawaii — where his ex is there with a VERY popular celebrity. Thankfully, he meets a woman who challenges him to make him better and helps him follow his dream: producing a Dracula musical! Seriously.

Unfortunately, not everyone is going to have a date on . Maybe you're a couple that thinks the holiday is stupid, but you want to do something. It's a movie that, while a love story, isn't even remotely close to a typical .

5. 'Blended'

'Blended' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Blended' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Blended may not have high ratings (14 percent Rotten tomatoes and 6.5 on IMDb), but it is one of the sweetest romantic comedies I have ever seen. Sandler and Drew Barrymore come back with a movie about two families learning from each other. It's silly, it's heartwarming, and you get to see Terry Crews steal the show every time he is on screen.

Blended has a great cast of characters and actors that make this funnier than it was given credit for. This movie is entertaining enough for kids, but still has enough adult jokes for the grownups to enjoy.

4. '50 First Dates'

Quite possibly Adam Sandler's best movie. '50 First Dates' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
Quite possibly Adam Sandler's best movie. '50 First Dates' [Credit: Columbia Pictures]

When I first told my wife that I was writing this piece I asked her about 50 First Dates and she said, "The choice to fall in love with someone is one you make every day because you'd rather do that than be without them." She's right. This movie truly shows the beauty of love and the vows you take. Through sickness and health has never meant as much as it did here.

I'd also add this to the list of family-friendly comedies. There are enough kid-friendly humor in this movie to keep the kids occupied and enough adult humor that the kids won't get.

3. 'Crazy, Stupid, Love'

First off, I am not a Steve Carell fan, but I enjoyed this movie. Steve Carell on top of an amazing cast (Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, and Julianne Moore) and story made this a great movie. Carell's wife asks for a divorce. Upon hearing this, Carell tries to get back in the game with the help of Gosling, who is one heck of a ladies man (the Dirty Dancing move always works). It's a cute and fun movie with a cool little twist towards the end.

If you are at home and just looking for a fun romantic movie to watch at the end of the night while eating dinner, this is for you. It's the perfect stay-at-home flick. It raises some questions that you might ask your significant other as both a couple and as parents.

2. 'The Proposal'

After watching that video, I challenge you to get the image of Sandra Bullock dancing and singing to Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz out of your head. The Proposal was a funny movie that kind of fell under the radar. Sandra Bullock plays a rather stuck up b-word who is two steps away from being deported back to Canada. Luckily, she has an assistant that she treats like crap () to get her out of the predicament — they're gonna get married!

First off, if you happen to watch the trailer, ignore the cheesy voiceover guy. He makes the movie sound a lot cornier than it is. The movie doesn't have the most creative story, but it's really funny and cute. I recommend this movie for anyone in any kind of relationship. There is no real deep meaning in the movie. Just comedy. Plus, is in it, so that is a win.

1. 'Deadpool'

Despite all of the violence and smart remarks, this is actually a really great love story. Two misfits find each other in the bowels of a mercenary bar. Despite where they found each other, they did find each other. After Wade Wilson unfortunately gets cancer, he undergoes experiments so he could one day come back to the woman he loved.

OK, yes, this movie is more about the jokes and the action, but you can't deny the love story stuck in between the decapitations and perverse jokes. And while your watching, remember, guys, International Women's Day is right around the corner.

What is your favorite romantic comedy? Let me know in the comments below.

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