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The Fifth Element fans across the galaxy rejoice! Sci-fi auteur Luc Besson has created a film based on the comic that inspired the 1997 classic, and it looks — as Ruby Rhod would say — super-green.

After a five-day countdown to the trailer drop, including clever teasers from stars Cara Devingne and Dane DeHaan, it's finally here. Let's take a look at what Besson has cooked up!

An Exciting New Universe

Knowing Luc Besson's dedication to his craft, Valerian is almost guaranteed to feature a plethora of crazy detail. He's already confirmed to have written a 600-page bible chronicling every idea you could possibly imagine for the film's universe, and has outdone himself with 2,700 VFX shots. Its $180 million budget is the biggest of any European-made film to date. This is going to be one hell of a space opera.

Heroes Without Limits

Meet Valerian and Laureline, two crazily gifted special operatives whose polar-opposite personalities make them the perfect team. The duo are played by Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan, who gained their respective comic book movie experience from the releases Suicide Squad and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Truth be told, it already looks like they're going to do a pretty great job of visually portraying the comic's original protagonists.

A World Without Boundaries

From Avatar-inspired underwater realms to treacherous desert landscapes populated by equally dangerous beasts, Valerian and Laureline's duties as keepers of the peace extend to galaxies far and wide. Each setting looks unique and diverse, and the possible inhabitants of each world are definitely intriguing.

A Complicated Love Story

This is, without a doubt, a tale of romance. But much like the relationship between Han and Leia, it's complicated. Valerian is your classic loveable rogue, a hopeless rebel who is persistent in his advances towards his partner. Laureline, however, has more important things on her mind— like getting the job at hand done. Can Valerian prove to be a worthy match for the most badass leading lady since Leeloo?

Literally Hundreds Of Alien Races

Besson has confirmed that the Valerian universe contains hundreds of alien species, the most notable being the peaceful Kortan Dahuk. Fun fact: Besson's fellow Parisian Louis Leterrier, who directed The Incredible Hulk, stars as one of the gentle extraterrestrials.

With such a huge array of non-humanoids galavanting about the galaxy, there's bound to be a few questionable characters. I mean, this guy looks potentially dodgier than Unkar Plutt.

So Many Fifth Element References

Those vertical spacecraft highways! The bustling neon-lit metropolis! That terrifying free-fall and crash-landing! The visuals definitely evoke nostalgia, and it's all too easy to draw parallels between Valerian's two protagonists and Liloo and Korben. It looks like the signature orange and blue colour scheme from Fifth Element, originally taken from the Valérian and Laureline comics, has also become a theme for the upcoming film. Valerian definitely maintains its own unique aesthetic, but does an exceptional job of paying homage to Besson's masterpiece.

Hey Look, It's Rihanna!

Rihanna was Besson's "first wish" for casting, and she appears to play a saucy burlesque dancer. Clive Owen is also set to play Valerian and Laureline's commanding officer, and Ethan Hawke has been confirmed to join the team. Could he be playing our villain? I can't wait to see what details are revealed over the coming months!

Valerian will be hitting cinemas 27th July 2017


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