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Keeping the cash cow train that is the supernatural romance chugging along, Shock Till You Drop brings us word that Vampire Academy has finally started casting and added three to its cast.

After a long casting process, the eagerly-anticipated adaptation has found its three lead roles. All relative unknowns, (Ringer), (Lightning Point), and (Soulless) have been locked into roles for the film. Deutch, who seems to be poised to be the breakout queen of teenage supernatural romances with her turn in later this year, will play protagonist Rose Hathaway, with Fry playing Princess Lissa, Rose's best friend. Kozlovski, who has had some success overseas but is not yet well-known in the U.S., has been cast in the role of Dimitri, Rose's brooding boyfriend and famous guardian.

Vampire Academy is the story of Rose Hathaway, a 17-year-old dhampir, a half human/half vampire and loyal guardians of the Moroi, peaceful and magical mortal vampires. Hidden in the wilds of Montana is St. Vladimir's Academy, the school where both Moroi and dhampirs are trained and learn to take their place in society.

As guardian to Princess Lissa, sole heir to one of the twelve Royal families of Moroi - and Rose's best friend - Rose must master her abilities and earn the approval of the Royal Council. The girls share a mysterious fate and linked psychic bond, but they must navigate a complicated knot of politics, intrigue, and daily life at the Academy. Waiting them outside is an even greater threat: The Strigoi, a predatory and bloodthirsty race of immortal vampires who are their deadliest enemies.


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