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There are still some roles left to be cast Vampire Academy, but Eddie Castille isn't one of them. According to the official Twitter for the adaptation of the Richelle Mead YA books:

The full text of the tweet reads:

Directly from London, we have an important message from our amazing screenwriter:

"Hey, it's screenwriter Daniel Waters with the latest 'casting announcement'--which I guarantee you are not going to like.

Don't hate me, but as you can imagine, it has been a tremendous challenge squeezing Vampire Academy's many wonderful pages into a feature-length script. To give our main characters the soul, complexity, and dimension they deserve, some of the more supporting characters have suffered. For this reason, Team Vampire Academy has decided to postpone Eddie Castile's intro until a hoped-for adaptation of Frostbite [INSERT HOWLS OF AGONY HERE.]

Basically, it is difficult to find a charismatic, high-caliber actor to play an unfortunately but necessarily reduced role. We all felt it best for the first film and the Eddie Castile character himself to wait for Frostbite, where Eddie's role is more full-bodied so we could find a more special actor. Apologies for any pain this decision may cause…"

Wow. And here, just a few days ago I was wondering who they would be casting as Eddie. Well, in some way they're right. Eddie does has a much bigger role in the second book, Frostbite, and even in the third book, Shadow Kiss and beyond. Don't forget that Frostbite also will feature some other huge characters like Adrian Ivashkov, too. It would be a great way to make sure that fans come back, with an infusion of new faces.

What do you think about their decision to hold off on casting Eddie? Let me know in the comments.

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