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Matt Carter

Hollywood's passion for all things vampire shows no signs of bleeding out as Vampire Academy producer has announced that his production company, Preger Entertainment, has obtained the rights to Christopher Pike's series The Last Vampire.

The first book was published back in 1994 and the series originally went under the name The Last Vampire, before being changed to the more tasty-sounding Thirst. The series chronicles the life of Sita, a 5000 year-old vampire who Preger describes as, "at once captivating and beguiling, due in part to her personification as a beautiful, intelligent, innocent appearing, contemporary girl — who is in reality a 5000-year-old predator."

Production on The Last Vampire is still in its infancy so it'll be a while before we see see it in theaters. But with Vampire Academy, Dracula 3D, The Eternal and Dracula Untold all due arrive this year, there's enough vamp movies coming up to quench your blood lust.

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