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Sophie Atkinson

Vampire Diaries star is getting hitched! Her longtime boyfriend, Joseph King, the guitarist for The Fray, popped the question while they were on their jollidays in beautiful Florence, Italy. Congrats, you crazy kids!

In next to no time, the loved up pair had hit social media hard, with Candice announcing the news to her family, and the world...via Instagram. She subtitled a sun-soaked instagram where they both gazed broodingly into the camera, a la a still from a Terrence Malick flick, 'Cheers from the future Mr and Mrs Joseph Aaron King'. Joe King wasn't going to let his fiancee have all the fun, so he quickly uploaded his own photo, captioning it 'I'm a lucky man.'

Several thoughts I've had on checking out their dreamy instagram snaps of the post engagement fun:

(a) You guys, what about his name?? I don't know about you, but I'd be hesitant to twin my soul for the rest of my days with a man with a name like Joe King. But I'm choosy like that.

(b) Shouldn't they be spending the evening of their engagement licking really good quality olive oil off each other (I dunno, they're in Italy, right?), feeding each other pistachio gelato off tiny spoons and making sweet, sweet love, rather than updating their Instagram accounts? Srsly, if I ever get engaged and my betrothed immediately dashes off to update their social media channel of choice, I'm not going to find that adorable, I'm just going to throw myself out of a window.

(c ) For all Joe King's name deficiencies, he does have a really astounding half-moustache. I shouldn't like it, since, after all, it's just half-hearted lip stubble – but it's so wrong it's right.

was reportedly the matchmaker behind love's young dream, so it was no surprise that she was psyched as all get out about the wedding:

"DYING RIGHT NOW!" Nina wrote on her Twitter page. "SO excited/thrilled/happy/hyperventilating over ur engagement! I mean.. ,"

She then added: "What colors are we thinking for the bridesmaids dresses?" she joked. "Because yellow isn't a good color on me."

What is Nina like?? She's always Joe King around! (heh)

So over to you - are you as excited as Nina about this match? Let me know in the comments below.


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