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Okay, everyone. Let's just all take a deep breath and try to process what we watched last night in the season finale of The Vampire Diaries. Is your head still spinning? It should be. Here's how the season ended: Jeremy's alive (WHAT.. Wait. Hm.), Bonnie's dead and gone (Noooooo), Stefan's MIA and buried alive (Um, problematic), and Elena and Damon are finally, legitimately a couple (YES!!). Unfortunately, the last bit comes right on the heels of reports that nicest-couple-in-the-world and have broken up, but let's not let that ruin our total shipping buzz, as the pair we've wanted together forever finally are. Sidenote: Don't you feel a little bad for , who always seems to be the third wheel?

E! Online caught up with the adorable Dobrev on the red carpet of CW's finale event, and asked her about the nature of her relationships with each brother:

It's like any relationship. There's a different connection you have with different people, and I think that Elena had a certain connection with Stefan that was very profound and with Damon it was more excitable. Between the two of them, unfortunately, they're the perfect man, so it's hard. Maybe she needs to go out and explore other things and discover herself.

Somerhalder agreed:

Damon's grown a lot. It's about the push and the pull of him really wanting her to be this creature, because her feelings ultimately changed for Stefan, which was very good for Damon, but in all actuality even Damon knows it's not right; what happened to this young, beautiful woman and watching her deteriorate and fall apart, it's heartbreaking to see. By virtue of that, there's redemption in some ways.

Food for thought: "Maybe she needs to go out and explore other things and discover herself." Considering Somerhalder's cryptic and since deleted Tweet he posted in the wake of rumors swirling about their breakup - "A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: People change and forget to tell each other. -Lillian Hellman, playwright (1905-1984)' - is it possible there's a bit of an explanation for the breakup hidden in Dobrev's words? Considering there's a 10-year age gap between the pair, it's not unreasonable.

In any case, and back to the show, executive producer Julie Plec has said she has viewed the Season 4 finale as a series finale, because there will be so many changes come the fall. Yikes. Looks like we have an entire summer to sweat about what's going to happen in Season 5.


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