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Sarah Gibson

Daaaymn! These are some fine dead people.

It's been a while since The CW treated us with a fresh kill episode of The Vampire Diaries. So, to remind us just how hot some of them are ( I'm looking at you), the network has released these new promo shots for Season 4.

It's a good thing they did! With the next Diaries episode ready to air tonight, we're in desperate need of a Somerhalder fix! Now, get your blood pumping, and feast your eyes upon these awesome new images:

(via Wetpaint)

Tonight, on The CW at 8pm, Rebekah's back and grilling Elena, Stefan, and Caroline about their hunt for the cure, which I guess gives Rebekah something to do before she gets stabbed to death yet again. I give it three episodes. Also, Bonnie continues to be encouraged by creepy Professor Shane, but he finds himself in danger when he reveals too much to a particular person. Meanwhile, at the lake house, some serious training is going down with Damon, Matt, and Jeremy. Two words: man club.

Will you be tuning in for tonight's show? Is it going to tie-up all of the loose ends we've been mulling over in the break? Click the [[follow]] button to stay updated with the show's gossip, and let us know what you think will go down in tonight's episode in the comment section.


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