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Sarah Gibson

The Vampire Diaries showrunner has got us speculating about Season 5 and, in talking to TV Fanatic, has indulged our interest by dishing out hints about what's coming up in Mystic Falls after the dramatic Season 4 finale.

We're definitely going to be entering an entire new world at Whitmore College, so we'll get to meet new friends and new enemies. There'll be a lot of new people entering our universe that we'll get to know well - and then also maybe some new romantic interests for some of our characters.

I'm really intrigued to see all of the new characters in the college years; I think it will bring an interesting dynamic to the show. I'm just hoping the writers will find a fitting way to end Tyler's () and Caroline's () relationship. I'm just not feeling Forwood anymore and it's time for the both of them to move on.

What do you hope to get from Vampire Diaries Season 5, when the CW show returns in Fall? Sound off below.


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