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Eszter Simor

The Originals has had the first crossover with "the mother-ship", The Vampire Diaries. Tyler Lockwood, the hybrid turned werewolf (played by ) has made it to New Orleans from Mystic Falls.

A big mystery has been revealed: it has turned out out that it was not Marcel () who kidnapped Hayley () at the end of last week's episode as everybody had thought, but Tyler.

And if this was not surprising enough; The Originals has another twist in store for fans: this Tyler is very different from the man who fell in love with Caroline () in The Vampire Diaries. Last time we saw him, he was breaking things off with her and setting off to take down his all-time nemesis, Klaus ().

Michael Trevino has told TVLine (via Huffingtonpost) that he's coming to The Originals "as a villain." He is determined to take absolute revenge on Klaus for killing his mother:

Tyler has always been surrounded by death, and Klaus killed his mother, and Hayley had something to do with that. So is it in him [to kill Hayley]? Absolutely.

Click here and watch the video revealing the mystery:

Will this hybrid (anti-)hero shake things up in the spin-off?

You can watch The Originals on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.


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