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Saturday Night Live has a history of doing some great and not-so great impressions of our favorite celebs, but making the roster means you have made it in Hollywood. While most take it in good fun (Biebs tweeted "good one"), not everyone is a fan of the weekend comedy showcase. Alec Baldwin's recent impression of President Trump has caused problems on Twitter and the POTUS is seemingly unamused.

One person who doesn't seem phased by someone making fun of her is Jennifer Aniston, proving one more time that she totally deserves our love. The 47-year-old took to the stage alongside Vanessa Bayer to riff-off the comedian's amazing impression of Rachel Green.

'Friends' [Credit: NBC]
'Friends' [Credit: NBC]

Aniston famously played the dungaree-clad character with the erect nipples for 10 seasons of hit show Friends, but has since gone on to do A LOT. Aniston jokes for faux Rachel to STOP and leave the '90s behind, because it happened like "five million and five" years ago. Given that Friends' final episode aired in 2004, it is a way off, but that is some seriously scary math. She goes on to say:

"Is it a great bit though? It kind of just sounds like all you're doing is like, 'What? Oh? Wow? Oh me? No!'"

Sounds pretty spot on to me. Early Friends Rachel did seem like an excited school girl who was constantly confused and hysterically questioning everything. Anyway, you can check out Bayer's impression above and relive five of SNL's other greatest celebrity impressions below.

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1. Dan Aykroyd Does Julia Child

Apart from Meryl Streep, very few people can do a great Julia Child impression, well, unless you are Dan Aykroyd. The former Ghostbuster is almost a Mrs. Doubtfire impressionist of the famously enthusiastic chef. It comes complete with oodles of fake blood and one ruined Sunday roast. An oldy but a goody, bon appétit.

2. Ana Gasteyer Does Celine Dion

At times it may sound a bit like she is doing a Dora the Explorer impression, but just after the height of Dion's Titanic fame, it was a well-timed skit. It was brave to take on the diva of song, especially as a caricature with grimacing, swinging, jaw and Canadian twang. However, Dion seemed to take the impression in her stride, and even invited Gasteyer on stage during her tour at Madison Square Garden.

3. Kevin Spacey Does Christopher Walken

Spacey has become infamous for his spot-on impressions of the likes of Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken, but back in 1997 this was one of SNL's weirder videos. Christopher Walker, auditioning for the part of Han Solo in Star Wars, portrayed by Kevin Spacey — what more could you ask for?

4. Kristen Wiig Does Björk

While the Icelandic singer may have slipped into that weird crack of celebrity insanity, impressions of her will always be hilarious. Given Björk's interesting style, there is so much material to go off. Kristen Wiig was always a highlight of SNL and her send-up of Björk is uncanny. Complete with lines like "how is your skeleton, mine's itchy?" and the great reindeer uprising of 2012, it is bonkers beyond belief. Only one person can do a better Björk, and that is RuPaul's Drag Race's Katya.

5. Maya Rudolph Does Beyoncé

Coming hot off the back of the Solange lift scandal, skip to the 3:30 mark for the real laughs. Maya Rudolph can do an amazing Donatella Versace or Oprah, but her Beyoncé is the best. Complete with front fan to give that all important windblown look. See how many song titles you can spot. "Hey it's me" — Bey rules the world for this one.

So where does Bayer's impression slot into the pack? Right down to the enunciation of "Pheebs," it was like stepping back in time. It was clear that both Bayer and Aniston had a ball on the show, with Vanessa sharing a picture of the pair afterwards on her Instagram. Away from SNL, the pair worked together on the upcoming Office Party, which will be released on December 8, so it looks like the two are "friends" in real life too.

Check out the trailer for Office Party, and don't forget our poll below!


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