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Last year, actress Vanessa Hudgens suffered a momentary lapse of judgement when she carved her and her boyfriend Austin Butler's name onto some protected rock formations in Arizona's Coconino National Forest.

Back then, while we struggled to decide whether both of them were just insanely selfish — or had just been blind-sided by their overwhelming love for one another that they didn't realize what they were doing — we all agreed that it was really, really stupid. Unsurprisingly, the local authorities thought so too and slapped Hudgens with a $1000 fine for her reckless rock antics.

Now that a year has passed though and Vanessa has finally decided to speak out about the events that occurred that one hot, fateful day in Arizona. During an interview with Sway Calloway's Sirius XM show Sway in the Morning, the actress reiterated that she adores nature and said that what she had carved would have totes been washed away by the rain at some point in the future. She said:

"Me and my boyfriend were on a hike and then wrote our names on a rock with another rock and then people accused me of carving into this rock, but literally I took a piece of rock and wrote on the rock. So, it’s the type of thing where it’s chalk, so if you rub it, it comes off."

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She then added:

"I knew with the first rain it would go away. I’m such an earth person. I love Mother Nature. I love being connected in the natural environment. It was a whole situation that was really frustrating. I don’t mean to disrespect anyone or the land. It’s not like I took a key and carved it."

Then, perhaps realizing that she wasn't really giving a convincing argument (it doesn't matter what you used to carve the names, you still did it babes!), she was quick to let everyone know that she donated a bunch of money to the park to apologize for the drama:

"I donated a lot of money to the park to say 'sorry for the drama it’s caused you guys,' but like literally with the first rain, it would’ve washed off."

Hmmm. We'll take your word for it V, but sometime isn't it just best to admit you've been a colossal idiot?

What do you think about this rock carving debacle?

(Source: Cosmopolitan)


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