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With now in the MCU, Sony is moving ahead full-throttle with live-action adventures based on characters from the web-head's universe, such as Silver Sable & Black Cat, and most prominently, Venom. For the joy of every fan around the world, Sony recently announced that its long-in-development film about the sadistic space goo would hit theaters next year.

[Credit: Sony]
[Credit: Sony]

Here's the thing, with such a short release timeframe, the wheels need to start spinning quickly. And considering the studio's penchant for shelving the spin-off, fans have been naturally worried about the actual realization of it.

Well, worry not, because the movie will have its cameras rolling very soon. My Entertainment World - a site that lists upcoming productions - just listed the Venom film, and it reveals two important details:

Production is expected to begin in the fall of 2017. That's particularly exciting because it means we should start getting casting announcements very soon, including the person who will be playing the anti-hero. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to finally put the argument of who will carry the Venom mantle to rest.

But that's not all. If you take a look right above the production start date, you'll see the different genres under which the movie falls. They are:


One of them in particular is not common in modern films: horror. Now, as with any unconfirmed details, don't take these new tidbits to heart. But My Entertainment World has proven to be a reliable source of information in the past.

Venom can be a pretty scary guy. After all, he is a sentient life-form from space that possesses a host who then turn irrational, violent and downright disgusting. Therefore this combination of genre tells us something very important:

The 'Venom' Movie Is Off To A Great Start

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

From what we've heard so far, Venom is not part of the and is therefore unrelated to Tom Holland's new version of Spidey. Initially, that separation cast a lot of doubt on the project, as fans were skeptical about the iconic villain being able to work without Peter Parker.

But the and elements could be the way in which Venom breaks away from its comic book connections and transforms into its own thing. Ultimately, this is a story about a murderous space fluid who finds a psychopath in which to survive. That's horror gold right there.

There's one film in particular that captures the best possible outcome for this combination perfectly: Adi Shankar's Truth In Journalism, starring Ryan Kwanten:

If the film is handled in a similar way in terms of horror and mystery, we could end up with a extremely eerie and creepy comic book adaptation. And in our current superhero environment, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Let's face it, the superhero genre has become very formulaic. Other than astounding special effects, it's rare to be surprised by story elements in a comic-book film anymore. We know the usual three-act structure from head to toe, and so, a film with a sense of uncertainty and mystery is desperately needed.

Venom, with his antihero/villain nature and space-horror tone, could be that much-needed and refreshing change. Of course, we'll have to wait for more to get an idea of where the movie is going. But if you can't wait to see how everything turns out, don't forget to check out Venom once it comes down from space and crawls into theaters on October 5, 2018.


Are you happy with 'Venom' having elements of horror in it?

[Source: My Entertainment World]


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