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Recently, Exhibitor Relations announced the date for the release of the first Spider-Man spinoff flick. Venom is coming October 5, 2018, just two months shy of the cinematic Miles Morales animated outing in December of that same year.

This is huge news for fans of the brain-eating symbiote, but what other information did the release date reveal? Well, for starters, we know that the script is currently being written by Dante Harper and will be helmed by Alex Kurtzman, director of the upcoming Mummy reboot. Other than that, details are pretty scarce. Of course, we know that as it is labeled as a spinoff film, it will have some connection to Spider-Man: Homecoming, but what other properties will be affected, if at all?

Venom Originates From Space

The symbiote hails from a galaxy far, far away (no not that one), and premiered in the Secret Wars Issue 8 in the form of a new alien costume for . Eventually, it is revealed that the suit is alive and taking over Peter's yadda yadda yadda. Everyone knows this story.

Black suit Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Black suit Spider-Man [Credit: Marvel Comics]

What isn't as clear is how the symbiote will pop up in the . Sources outside of comics have had problems introducing the symbiote without having to get into the sprawling epic that was the first Secret Wars. Spider-Man the Animated Series featured John Jameson — son of perpetual thorn in Spider-Man's side, Jonah — bring it back from a space mission. Spider-Man 3 simply had the land close to Peter Parker and Mary Jane, with no other explanation.

Of course, now we have a sprawling MCU epic set in space within a franchise famous for trying to get as close to the source material as possible. Infinity War promises to be a major event that the MCU has been building toward since the first film in 2012. The film will feature just about every character introduced into the cinematic universe, including a certain web-head that was noticeably absent until Captain America: Civil War. What better way to introduce the Spider-Man villain than in a sprawling space epic similar to the source material?

It Bonded With Peter Parker First

Peter Parker trying to get rid of the symbiote [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Peter Parker trying to get rid of the symbiote [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Getting back to the yadda yadda from before, what makes Venom an inherently villain is the fact that he was bonded to Peter Parker originally, then rejected. Hell hath no fury like a symbiote scorned. Now, Venom doesn't have to be associated with Peter Parker to be an effective character. Over the years, he has proven himself without the aid of Spider-Man through various publications. However, if the spinoff is going to stay true to the source, it must make contact with Peter Parker at some point.

Failing that, the symbiote will appear in Avengers: Infinity War ( has a ton of crap — just sayin'). Or they could always go the Ultimate route. In Ultimate Spider-Man, Brian Michael Bendis was faced with the issue of how to get to Venom without having a "secret war." His version involved Venom being a prototype suit developed by Peter Parker's father Richard, along with his partner Eddie Brock Sr. When the two died (along with their wives, in a plane crash), Eddie Brock Jr. and Peter inherited the suit and all the problems associated with it.

This would certainly solve the space issue and we wouldn't have to bog down with Venom. Although, it would be a great scene to see Peter's costume torn up and Tony Stark getting pissed because: a) he owned it, and b) he made it for Peter. To see Peter chuck it so effortlessly in favor of "some alien goop" would be hilarious.

It Could Affect Future Spider-Man Movies

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios]
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Disney / Marvel Studios]

The reason it could affect future Spider-Man movies (technically Spider-Man: Homecoming is a future movie as it hasn't been released yet) is because Homecoming has wrapped filming, so it won't affect the story of Venom. The plot can start with Eddie Brock (or whoever the film will focus on) already having the suit and we get the semi origin in a future film.

The Spider-Man franchise will begin with continuity issues in the first flick. We will begin with Peter in his original suit and in the middle see him getting his suit from . In the middle somewhere, Civil War will have happened. So, it's not outside the realm of possibility to see the Venom spinoff and get some explanation within the Spider-Man films.

A spinoff flick is great news for fans of the character and fans of the Spider-Verse as a whole. Following the leaks, we got word of this as well as a Sinister Six spinoff film. Fans immediately speculated on how that would work, but in all likelihood, it will likely follow the Academy Award-winning (sigh) formula.

Do you think the Venom spinoff will affect future Marvel projects? Sound off in the comments below!

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