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Deadpool has had his share of wacky adventures over the decades. Originally a straight-up villain, he was hired to kill Cable and quickly became a fan-favorite over the years, even rivaling Wolverine in popularity and appearances.

Even before the success of his feature-length debut, Deadpool has been all over the Universe, be it in continuity or out. The difference with Wade Wilson is that he actually knows he's in a comic book, so he can steer the story in all sorts of ways for fun and (more importantly) profit. He has lifted Thor's hammer (not really), started his own Deadpool Corp., and even battled Thanos for Death's love. With all these accomplishments, it's no surprise that he and the symbiote have crossed paths.


First appearing in What If: Iron Man Demon In an Armor #1, Wade Wilson is hired by Galactus to kill the Beyonder because Galactus was pissed that the Beyonder attached M.O.D.O.K. to his backside. Set in the '80s, Deadpool takes the job, but instead of killing the Beyonder, he embraces the Beyonder's party lifestyle. Spider-Man begging the Beyonder to remove the Venom symbiote resulted in Deadpool and Venom joining up.

Edge Of The Venomverse

Venompool [Credit: Marvel Comics]
Venompool [Credit: Marvel Comics]

Inspired by a series of variant covers from March 2017, which featured various heroes covered in the symbiote, Venom is getting his own limited series starting in July. The book will cover the aforementioned symbiote-covered heroes such as (female) Wolverine, Gwenpool, Old Man Logan, Ghost Rider and, of course, , in their own stories titled Edge of the Venomverse. The series will lead into a major Venom-related event later on in the year, but Marvel is pretty hush-hush as of this writing. What does that mean for the ?

Copyright Kryptonite

Unfortunately, a crossover of this proportion is unlikely to happen due to copyrights and other such legal jargon. owns the rights to Deadpool and Sony owns the rights to Venom, which means the studios would have to come together in order for this to happen. With the success of Deadpool and Logan, Fox is in a decent enough place to where it wouldn't need to collaborate with other studios. Sony, despite loaning the Wallcrawler to the MCU, is still trying to get their own going with the aforementioned R-rated Venom spinoff starring Tom Hardy as well as a Black Cat/Silver Sable film in the works.

Final Thoughts

With all the competition at the box office for superhero supremacy, it is unlikely that Deadpool and Venom will be meeting on the big screen anytime soon. The DCEU is starting to find its footing with Wonder Woman and Marvel may or may not be seeing trouble from the deal with , which wouldn't bode well for any other types of deal with other studios.

On the bright side, there could be a small cameo by Venompool in the form of a brief appearance by Ryan Reynolds. While studios' hands are tied, actors are allowed a bit more freedom, as evidenced by Josh Brolin playing Thanos as well as Cable. Superheroes can perform fantastic feats. Unfortunately, maneuvering rights issues doesn't seem to be one of them.

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