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Why, she wouldn't even harm a fly. Self-proclaimed Jessica Chastain know-it-all.

Once again, the American Horror Story fandom has found itself in the treacherous rumor web. Fans wanted her, but it has now been officially confirmed that horror queen Vera Farmiga, will not be making an appearance in Season 7. Cue the tears!

Rumors of Vera Farmiga joining the upcoming election-themed season started when a fan account on Twitter shared a (now deleted) tweet claiming that Farmiga was spotted on the set of Season 7. Of course, fans ran with the news and blew up social media with their excitement.

Since the departure of leading lady Jessica Lange, fans of the hit FX anthology have always suggested that Vera Farmiga would be a great replacement — and that she would. Vera Farmiga is no stranger to the world of horror. She has starred in horror flicks such as Orphan (2009), the successful Conjuring franchise, and many of us know her as Norma Bates from A&E's Bates Motel. Not to mention the fact that she is an incredible — yet frustratingly underrated — actress overall.

Will We Ever Get The Sisters Together?

Despite not being on the actual show, pretty much everyone is now aware that Vera Farmiga already has ties to the world of American Horror Story via her younger sister Taissa Farmiga. In fact, Vera Farmiga is the reason her 21-years-younger sibling Taissa became an actor in the first place, having cast Taissa in her 2011 directorial debut Higher Ground.

Taissa Farmiga has been a fan favorite ever since she played Violet Harmon in the very first season. Taissa Farmiga came back for Coven and last year's Roanoke, but other than that, she has been absent from the show. The two have acted alongside each other multiple times, so wouldn't it be great to have the sisters appear together in a season of American Horror Story?

Would you like to see Vera Farmiga in a future season of American Horror Story? Leave your thoughts below!


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