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There was never any doubt that New Line was planning on making a sequel to last year's horror hit The Conjuring, but one of the biggest questions about the future of the franchise is whether or not horror icon would return to direct.

, who brilliantly played paranormal expert Lorraine Warren in the film, recently spoke to AICN about the project:

"As you know, I cherish my collaborations with Patrick [Wilson] and with James [Wan], and I really have an admiration for the woman that I play. I think it's an important story," she says. "I'm not just making another horror flick. I really think this is the go-to gal for over the last five decades that people have gone to for discernment on certain negative mysticism. It's a crazy subject matter. It's bigger than my brain can contemplate. So, I'm hoping to see Conjuring 2 sooner than later.

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Anyone who's been following the news recently knows that James Wan has said he's pretty much abandoning horror movies. Right now, he's also embroiled in the disaster of making Furious 7 happen after 's untimely death. Farmiga and Walker both starred in Running Scared, an experience she recalls fondly:

I can genuinely call him one of my favorite scene partners ever. We did some really intimate work. My knowing him came at a really transitional phase in my life, and not only were we playing husband and wife but we would work out everyday together, and he just was kindness personified. He really had that dazzling smile of his. You can't fake that, man. It's a testament to who he was, and the purity and the goodness of who he was. We recently communicated through James Wan (who is directing Fast & Furious 7) when we were in San Francisco, and James and I saw each other, and we sent blessings each others' ways and regards. He's always held such a special place in my heart because it was such a formative experience for me. I had just done Down to the Bone, and Marty's film (The Departed), and this is one of my first chances at playing a leading character in a film, and I couldn't have asked for a more willing participant and a sweetheart of a guy. That film became kind of more successful in that rental afterlife. I think it had a bigger shelf life there.

The Conjuring's spinoff, Annabelle, will begin filming soon. We'll keep you updated on The Conjuring 2 as more develops.

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