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Another day, another Kickstarter movie project. But this time, it's Veronica Mars fans who can reap the benefits of a successful campaign. Fans have mourned the cancellation of the cult hit series for six years now, and have been clamoring for it to come back to the airwaves or be properly capped off with a movie. And now, it looks like fans will get that chance...but only if they help.

That's right, creator and star and the rest of the Neptune, California gang have teamed up to film an entertaining video and launch a campaign to raise $2 million dollars in 30 days to shoot a low-budget Veronica Mars film this summer. If they reach it, Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has promised to cover the rest for marketing, promotion, and distribution. The film would then be released in the early part of next year for a limited-time run in theaters before moving to various digital platforms.

The catch? If they DON'T raise it, the movie doesn't happen. Period.

So that's there you come in.

You can go directly to the project's Kickstarter page, which has been up less than a day and is already a third of the way to their goal (To give you a frame of reference, the fund has grown by almost $100k from the time I started writing this article). So if you're a fan of the intrepid little sleuth, head over to the site, hop in, and pitch in a buck or two. I, for one, think seeing the gang back on the big screen again would be pretty awesome, so let's get this thing going.

In the meantime, check out the video from the Kickstarter campaign. It's highly entertaining.


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