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It appears Victoria Moroles will have a limited role when Teen Wolf returns this summer. She was out of the country working on a movie during the majority of filming. Now, she tells the Hometown to Hollywood podcast that she’s auditioning for “pilot season” with no mention of returning to her role as Hayden Romero on the MTV series.

“I feel like I’m right back where I started because I was just filming a movie for almost three months. I took a month off for family. I came back here and pilot season started, and I had four auditions this week.”

No Time For 'Teen Wolf'?

resumed filming on October 3, and we have a couple of images of Moroles on set on day one. At the time, the production mostly did pick-up shots and additional scenes for the first half of Season 6. Ten days later, Moroles was in Barcelona filming horror/thriller Down a Dark Hall. She remained abroad until late December and then returned to Texas.

“It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life,” she says of filming her first studio film in Spain.

While she was gone, Teen Wolf production continued without her. The cast filmed Season 6, Episodes 11–14, while she was out of the country. After a holiday break, filming on the show resumed in January as Moroles took her “month off for family.” She says she then got busy with "pilot season." Most TV networks audition actors for “pilots” in January and February.

Teen Wolf is currently filming scenes for the final three episodes of the series with just two weeks of production remaining. It appears, from her schedule and her statements, Moroles is not working on Teen Wolf currently.

Blame It On Barcelona

Ironically, Moroles booked Dark Hall because one of the producers knew her from the work on MTV. “I was talking to one of our producers (on the movie), and she’s a really big fan of Teen Wolf. Which I think is just the funniest thing.”

While the producer had the actor on her “list” of those she wanted to audition for the part, Moroles says she doggedly pursued the role.

“I read it. I fell in love. I said, ‘I have to be this person.’”

She pushed for an audition, booked the role and was in Spain a couple of weeks later. Unfortunately for fans, her big opportunity means less Moroles for Teen Wolf fans.

Will you miss Victoria Moroles on Teen Wolf when Season 6 resumes this summer? Sound off in the comments!

(Sources: Hometown to Hollywood)


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