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Abi Toll

On this evening's Talking Dead - a live talk show that discusses The Walking Dead - AMC will air a special clip for next week’s episode, 'Isolation'. The clip shows Daryl driving a car with Michonne, Bob Stookey, and Tyreese as his passengers.

At first, one sees the standard several walkers in the roadway, however as the car comes to a stop, the camera slowly pans up to reveal a spectacularly horrifying scene of walkers which reaches way beyond the horizon line. This is a scene that will chill even the most hardcore zombie fans.


After the clip was revealed, Walking Dead executive producer commented,

I love it. These guys [fellow guests & ] are like, ‘Wow,’ I’m like, No, wait for it. Wait for it. The camera’s going to boom up and you’re going to see 7,500 walkers.

Is it just me, or do you also think it would be completely awesome to play a zombie extra?



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