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is back after appearing in flicks like Blood & Chocolate, The Woods, and then disappearing for a few years. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your tastes), it's not in the way you'd expect. She's playing all around icon, diva, and hot mess -- the -- in the Anna Nicole Lifetime movie.

Watch the Anna Nicole trailer here:

Smith was previously portrayed by , who also graced us with the 2001 pop anthem "I Wanna Be Bad." The performance was horrible, but at least it gave us some fun YouTube Anna Nicole trailers like this.

What's intriguing about all of this is that Bruckner is by no means a bad actress. In fact, she was a pretty hot up-and-coming property in 2007. Likewise, this movie has some pretty major talent: American Psycho's director, , will be helming the project, which also stars , , , and .

In case you were living under a celebrity rock in the 1990s and 2000s, Smith was a model, actress, reality star, and spokesperson who tragically died from a drug overdose a few months after her own son.

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