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Llllllladies...(and some gentleman; it IS 2013, after all) I'm about to bring you the best news you've read all day. Is it that each human being on earth is being granted a lifetime supply of chocolate? No. Is it that all caller hold music has now been replaced with 2Pac's "California Love"? Still no.

Is it that Norse demi-god got full-frontal naked on last night's season finale of True Blood? HELL YEAH, it is. And there's a video.

But first, a forewarning, the video shows a major spoiler for Skarsgard's character, Eric Northman, so if you haven't yet watched the finale, I'd suggest not clicking on the video, as hard as it might be to NOT click on a video that shows him in all his birthday suit glory. There were also some major storyline changes for both Sookie () and Alcide (). It seemed like just yesterday, I was writing about Season 6 ready to premiere, and already, it's wrapped up in the most shocking of ways.

Here's the video, but again, don't click if you haven't seen the episode:

Don't say I never gave you anything, True Blood fans.

Did you watch this season of True Blood? What did you think? Where does this leave Sookie, Alcide, and Eric? Sound off in the comments below.

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