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Brian Salisbury

Films that are based on harrowing true events benefit from the drama of the actual story and, with the right director, can achieve true cinematic greatness. 's Apollo 13, for example, is a great film. However, I found this edited collection of archival video composed by the lunarmodule5 YouTube page, which presents the near-tragic NASA mission in pseudo real time, to be just as dramatic.

There are four visuals at play, videos from inside the ship and ground control as well as an instrument panel and digital recreation of the ship itself. At various intervals, archival TV footage is also edited in. The audio however is what really sells this. We hear Houston communicating with Apollo 13 as well as communications between Houston and the flight control team.

The calm and poise of all involved, even in the most dire of circumstances, is oddly what makes this project so unnerving.

Take a look at the video and let us know what you think.


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