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I'm not personally that familiar with Chilean horror, but the trailer for The Gravity of the Pugilist has piqued my interest in South American scary flicks in general. The trailer is violent, retro, maybe supernatural, and definitely bloody. Like, we're talking a lot of flowing crimson here. Take a look:


Here's the synopsis, via BD:

In a small town in Chile, women and young children have been mysteriously vanishing.

Sometimes their mutilated bodies are found a long time later….

After being shown one of the bodies where it was found, an investigative reporter, Nancy Elgueta, starts to poke around. She finds the body of a young student. Suspicion falls on a local boxer, Leo, who had recently seemed to go crazy during a fight, saying he could see demons through an opening in the floor of the ring. It was well known he had close relations with the student. After the fight, his trainer tells him he cannot fight again until he has overcome his demons. At the same time, the local police force, in the shape of a brave woman, starts to investigate the disappearances. She is very suspicious of the new local Mayor, Dupui, and a shadowy figure called Dr Werner. Dupui keeps tight control over the town through a gang called the Yellow Jackets. The gang all work for the town, but are hand-picked by Dupui and then inducted into a brotherhood through a long ritual, but really, they are under his control through the use of a drug administered by the Doctor, which he calls ‘Possession’.

The policewoman confronts the two men, but is warned off with the threat of her son’s safety. The mayor is also being investigated by the state authorities, who send in special agents to investigate. As the forces of good close in on the mayor and his evil gang, events start to spiral out of control and an ancient force of evil is released. No one knows who to trust as the policewoman tries to bring the reign of evil to a close, and even her own life is at stake in a game of wits where only one side can win.

In the end, the pure soul of the boxer, represented by that strongest symbol of the fighter – his gloves – wins the day.

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