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Veronica Mars creator and director has been very good about keeping fans up to date with casting and other developments. The latest news was that Veronica Mars alum has signed on to reprise his role of Veronica's dad, Keith Mars, in the upcoming movie. This should delight fans everywhere, but apparently not as much as Colantoni himself, who taped the following videos to reenact him getting the call, and the next thanking fans:

We always wondered if [the movie] was going to happen. For a while there we thought it wasn't going to happen and because of your belief, it is going to happen. We always knew that 'Veronica Mars' was a special thing and how awesome is it to know that you guys felt the same way? I can't wait to play Keith Mars again, I can't wait to work with Rob and Kristen again. It's going to be a really great summer.



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