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Whether you're of the opinion that they're shameless cash-ins or loving face-lifts, there's simply no stopping the onslaught of video game remasters. Visual upgrades are part and parcel of an industry powered by ever-improving tech, but it's not often that graphics are downgraded, intentionally made to look crumby before their time. Unless, of course, you have a particular affinity for gaming's less refined 'golden years'.

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Screenshots showcasing video game 'demakes' -- the exact opposite of a remaster -- have been swarming message boards recently, and provide a fascinating glimpse at what today's titles might've looked like had they been designed during simpler times...

The Witness

Stripping Jonathan Blow's intricate island down to its most basic form, programmer dustmop has created a NES-era tribute to the pixelated puzzler.

This fake ROM, cleverly titled 'The Wit.nes', is fully playable. In fact, you can try out the demo right now, featuring the original game's opening area as pictured through a rather crude lens.

The Last of Us

NeoGAF user plainr doctored some screenshots to create 'TLOU PS1: 240p edition.' The result? Joel blasting bad guys circa 1996:

Dark Souls

Isometric Dark Souls? Sold! User drotahorror re-imagines From Software's brutal boss battles from a different angle.

Skyrim and Bioshock

NeoGAF user Vio takes two of the last generation's most beloved classics and sends them hurtling back through time. Turns out that Big Daddies aren't so imposing when converted to a 2D sprite.

Heavy Rain

Press X to Jason is up there with the funniest PS3 quick time events, but just imagine how much more surreal David Cage's mystery would've been if it had looked like...well, this. I salute you, Vrolik.

Persona 4

Dunkle's take on this seminal JRPG takes me back to those gloriously blurry Final Fantasy world maps. And all the damn grinding that went with them.


Yup, those sure looks like some PS1-era appendages. Nailed it, Nibel. Also from the same user, Nathan Drake steps back in time...

Uncharted 2

Boy am I glad Naughty Dog cut their teeth on Crash first.

Fallout 3

And finally, Pixel Beak shows us an even more bleak version of Fallout's wasteland. Pretty it ain't.

Fancy your Photoshop skills? Show us your video game demasters!


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