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In the hardest of times, there is always hope. If there's any lesson that General Organa truly taught us all, it's that one. No matter how crushing the defeat, no matter how harsh the personal loss, no matter how terrifying the opponent, there is always, always hope — even in the face of death. It's a lesson that , that tireless opponent of hypocrisy, bigotry and fear, taught as well, in every hard-won day of her sadly too-short life.

How, then, could we respond to the loss of Fisher — a true icon for far more than just playing Leia — with only sadness and grief? She would have been the first to remind us that emotional survival is, in its own way, heroic — and that seeing the other side of hard times can be as beautiful as any other vista. And so, as as a counterpoint to loss: some small, fragile wonder, and a reminder. After all...

This Video Game Tribute To Carrie Fisher Is Surprisingly Moving

'Star Wars: The Old Republic' [via Reddit/rakaur]
'Star Wars: The Old Republic' [via Reddit/rakaur]

And, while it may be a small gesture, it's a touching one all the same. A group of gamers joined together within , a -themed MMORPG, to commemorate the galaxy far, far away's most beloved royal figure. That image above, y'see, isn't simply a unified guild following orders, or a cunningly photo-shopped collation of characters. Instead, as recorded by intrepid Redditor rakaur, it's a group of individuals coming together — at the game's House Organa, no less — to remember, and memorialize, a legend, now sadly departed. A small thing, perhaps, but no less meaningful because of it.

And a fine farewell for a hero, gone but never forgotten.

What do you think, though? How could we best memorialize Carrie Fisher, and Leia Organa? Let us know below...

In the meantime, there's more on Fisher's legacy, and the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII, right here.



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