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Probably the greatest thing about this Need For Speed video that premiered at Electronic Arts' E3 conference yesterday is when director Steve Waugh claims, "Need for Speed is definitely accurate and authentic to real car racing culture," as a Saleen S7 buzzes past and destroys a police SUV. So accurate and authentic. The trailer then shows Breaking Bad actor putting on his best serious driving face. He's no or , but he'll do.

My main gripe as a NFS player is the lack of annoying, unnecessary techno that's plagued the games since 1994. I'm simultaneously crying "authenticity!" and "nostalgia!" over the trailer's choice to have intense, pedal to the metal noises revving over car chases and helicopters. Hopefully, the movie will end up with the cheap, sleek techno jams that the series is known for. You know, something like this:

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What did you guys think of the Need for Speed video? Is it just another bad video game adaptation or do the Fast guys need to watch their rearview mirrors?


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