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Sophie Atkinson

Whether you're a big Game of Thrones fan or not, this video is seriously fascinating. It goes into detail as to how German VFX company Pixomondo created Daenerys' three dragons and the sheer quantity of work that goes into making seemingly simple things like a shot of a dragon hovering over the same spot. It's given me bucketloads of respect for the luminous Emilia Clarke (Daenerys), who, whenever she seems to be lovingly caressing a dragon's head is actually interacting with a tennis ball on a stick or a puppet!

It was also interesting to see how much thought went into making the dragons adolescent looking - the VFX guys have deliberately made the dragons a bit gawky and awkward.


On a sadder note - while researching this article I came across something that made me a bit down in the mouth about the formerly-awesome-seeming Pixomondo. According to this, they owe their freelancers tons of money - 10,000 euros or more for some of their talented freelancers.

Personally, I think anybody who does such fantastic creative work should get reimbursed for it, and on time. 'Like' the Facebook page linked above if you agree.

Are you fans of the dragons? Let me know below.


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