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Progress on Indiana Jones 5 seems to have come to a shuddering halt since Disney acquired LucasFilm and with it the the rights the world's most famous whip cracker. But, with , , and all keen to get the band back together for one final outing, we could still see Indiana Jones 5 before all involved have to be put in a museum.

The landscape of the Indiana Jones franchise could have looked very different, if fate had played a different hand. Before Ford found fortune and glory as the fedora-wearing archaeologist, Lucas and Spielberg screen tested a bunch of other actors, including most famously, . So impressive was the mustachioed-actor's audition that he was offered the gig of the whip-cracking adventurer, but had to turn it down due to his commitment to television show Magnum P.I., meaning Ford landed the part of Dr. Jones, and Indy's top lip thankfully remained hair-free. "But what would a Selleck-played Indiana Jones have looked like?", I hear seven of you cry. Well, we've got the screen test video in question, so check it out and see what you think:

You know what? I think Selleck would have been a more-than-decent Indy. Obviously Ford has made the role his own, but Selleck has enough charisma and physicality to have been a worthy alternative. Cinematic history is littered with actors passing up legendary roles, and while some of the prospective casting choices are unimaginably bad, Selleck as Indy is one that I could have been on board with.

As for Indiana Jones 5, progress is slow, but we'll keep you updated on any developments as and when they land. In the meantime, check out my three easy steps to make Indiana Jones 5 awesome, and see if you agree.



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