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Even though it seems like has a packed schedule with Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens, he might not be locked out of directing Star Trek Beyond just yet. If it happens, that is. In a recent interview with Fandango Abrams said:

I don’t know. The idea of working with these people again would be a thrill and a privilege. One of the reasons I wanted to do the second one was so I had a chance to work with this cast and crew again... It really would depend if there’s a third movie that the studio wants to make. It would depend what the schedule was. Would I be open to it? Of course I would.

At the moment, Star Trek 3 isn't even confirmed, let alone with anyone on board. There are rumors that Attack the Block director Joe Cornish is on the list, but again, if they can get Abrams back on, why wouldn't they?

You can check out the rest of the extensive cast interview here. Skip to 4:24 for more from Abrams:

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