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Oh dear, Kristen Stewart's getting pestered by the paparazzi again, and this time it's to do with Robert Pattinson having sold their former love nest...well, love mansion is probably more accurate.

Unsurprisingly, she looked pretty unhappy about being harangued by the lascivious strangers where one asked for her thoughts on the house sale to Big Bang Theory's ; as you can see in video below, she wasn't scared to show it:

According to Entertainmentwise:

The Twilight hunk first put the Los Feliz mansion on sale for $6.75 million back in October, according to Trulia and Parsons is said to have bought the house on January 14 for $6.375 million, the website continues to say.


Here's a picture of the huge home:

Rob and Kristen's mansion via entertainment wise

What are your thoughts on selling his and 's house? Aint no thang or definitely breaking up?

Source: Entertainmentwise

Article image source: FuckyeahKristenStewartTumblr



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