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The 7th and 8th Man of Steel TV spots are now online and we still want 7 or 8 more. The Man of Steel reboot is obviously separating itself as much as possible from 's kind-of-good-mostly-bad Superman Returns.

The first Man of Steel TV spot focuses on how everyone is completely attracted to the new Man of Steel -- from ' Lois Lane to a random military recruit. This all makes sense, as we've examined how dreamy he currently is by being relatable and by not being a virgin. You can watch Man of Steel - TV Spot 7 here:

The 8th Man of Steel TV spot is more about how evil and badass is as General Zod. We know that no one can come close to Shannon when playing a bad guy, but the TV spot is made that much better by things blowing up. You thought action was missing from the previous advertisements? You get it here:

Bonus! was on the cover of Details looking like the most confident Clark Kent we've ever seen:


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