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First we saw battling 's robot in this Elysium clip, and now we've finally got a look at what Damon's character looks like post-mech enhancements. Check out the video here:


This is some serious Mad Max-style cyberpunk going on after Damon's character, Max De Costa, is poisoned at factory job and told he only has a few days to live. I'm confused as to how turning him into half-robot will allow him to survive, but I'll take it. This scene is definitely quieter than the robot fight we saw the other day, but it also gives a pretty good feel as to how the movie will be filmed, paced (with subtle electronic beats), and giving us a glimpse of supporting characters.

This is shaping up to be the sci-fi version of The Conjuring, an original movie and story that'll probably be one of this year's surprise hits when its released on August 9. Are you guys ready for Elysium? I'm into solely for Matt Damon's robot body and 's evil power haircut. Here's the Elysium trailer:


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