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What did you guys do this Christmas? I, for one drank a whole bottle of Buck's Fizz before lunch and then spent the afternoon snoozing on the sofa in front of Toy Story 3 whilst intermittently batting off one of my Mum's collection of near feral dogs.

Apparantly, some families have a bit more finesse and The Vampire Diaries star, Derek Hough's clan really knows how to bring in the festivities with a bang. The Houghs brought over special celebrity guest to take part in their annual Christmas dance off and it is AWESOME. Check out the video below!

I know it all seems like fun and games but, can you imagine your dad getting in on these moves?

I think I would die of shame.

Would you guys ever consider making a Christmas dance video with the family?

Source: Zap2it

Videos: Zap2it via Instagram

Image: Wet Paint



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