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Ever since Blue Is The Warmest Color won the Palme d'Or at this year's Cannes Film Festival, we here at Moviepilot have had one thing on our collective brain: Lesbians. They've come up when writing about the potential return of Xena: Warrior Princess, they've come up when looking at lesbian dramas people hate watch on Netflix, and they've come up when discussing Behind the Candelabra.

It makes sense as Blue Is the Warmest Color is the first lesbian-themed movie (and one based on a graphic novel) to receive one of cinema's highest honors. It's also a particularly political choice, as France has legalized gay marriage -- to the tune of many protests. The film is also noteworthy due to its long, extensive sex scenes, which Julie Maroh, the author of the graphic novel, recently labeled as "pornography."

Still, the film has received almost universal praise from critics in attendance. This is a far cry from many gay-themed films, which at this point are full of stale ideas and, quite frankly, laughably bad. One of the chuckle standouts for me personally is Claire of the Moon, which advertises itself as "a lesbian-themed rhetoric drama film." Basically, it should be renamed Lesbian Liberal Arts 101. If I ever have a double feature with Blue Is the Warmest Color, the other movie would be this to show how far we've come in gay film.

We don't know when or if Blue Is the Warmest color will ever get a theatrical release, but until we find out, I highly suggest you watch Claire of the Moon for some giggles:

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