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If you were one of the many millions of people who saw this weekend and turned it into a $155m-making beast of a blockbuster, you're probably dealing with a whole spectrum of emotions right now. Joy, for instance, at how this first spin-off felt both familiar and fresh, shock at a couple of the unforeseen plot twists, or grief at saying goodbye to new characters who didn't survive the movie.

And if you're especially eagle-eyed, you might also be feeling some confusion about exactly what happened to a ton of scenes used in the trailers which never actually turned up in the final cut of the movie.

That's become a more familiar phenomenon these days (Suicide Squad, after a last-minute butchering in the edit suite, got rid of more or less all the best bits from the trailers), but it's still a little strange to leave the theater wondering exactly what became of some of the trailers' more memorable moments.

We spliced every deleted scene from the TV spots and trailers together in a Movie Pilot exclusive video supercut of everything that got chopped. Check it out.

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As you can see in the supercut, Jyn's banter with the droid K-2SO didn't make it to theaters, maybe because Rogue One goes lighter on the comedy and heavier on themes of war. Also missing are several visually stunning shots of Jyn and Cassian running amid chaos on the beach, the shots of stormtroopers emerging from the water, a brief vision of Vader and a shot of Jyn running perilously toward the edge of the deck on the Imperial tower — and, mercifully, that infamous "I rebel!"

More Rogue One chatter:

Sure, the final cut of the movie might've been improved if a few of these had been left in, but ultimately I doubt anyone who saw Rogue One this weekend is really too bummed. As they say in a galaxy far, far away, shit happens.

What was the best part of Rogue One, and could it have done anything better?


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