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Let's be real. In the realm of fantasy, it's often dwarves that get the short (heh heh) end of the stick: Their people are either largely extinct (see: Lord of the Rings, Elder Scrolls), and even when they're present, everyone wants to see the Elves, instead.

But a new clip from reveals a special featurette bundled into the The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition Blu-ray that shows just how painstakingly & Co. worked to recreate the realm of the dwarves and restore their culture to its former glory. It's titled "Durin's Folk: Creating the Dwarves", and concept artist John Howe says it's incredible:

I honestly believe that Peter is going to do for dwarves what Tolkien did for elves, removing what nursery rhyme and folktale has done, which is to diminish them.

Check it out by clicking on the pic below:

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition Blu-ray will hit stores on November 5.

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