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Alisha Grauso

We were pretty excited a few weeks ago when we learned that indie icon 's latest film, Only Lovers Left Alive, would be added to the 2013 Cannes competitive line-up.

Other than that, there hasn't been a lot of news about the film, other than the buzz surrounding its all-star cast, including , , , , and . The film revolves around Adam (Hiddleston), a vampire musician who is depressed about the direction of the human race. He is unexpectedly reunited with his long-time lover, Eve (Swinton). But their star-crossed, centuries-long relationship is interrupted and threatened by the arrival of her wild sister, Ava (Wasikowska).

But now, the film has finally dropped two new, enigmatic clips that are all too brief, but offer a look at the passion that drives Adam and Eve's relationship, and the irritation that Ava can cause:

I'm kind of loving Hiddleston as a pained, gothed-out rocker. And I'm impossibly excited to see this. You?

There's no date yet for a domestic release, so let's hope it gets picked up at Cannes for at least a limited release, if nothing else. [[follow]] and we'll keep you updated.


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