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If there is one thing The Walking Dead does spectacularly well, it's kill off its cast. Most of the time, this means beloved characters with whom we've spent so much time and come to love are torn to shreds by walkers or murdered by bastard humans. However, there are times wherein a ray of sunshine breaks through the bleak sky and the cold hand of death touches the shoulder of a real scumbag.

Much as it may make me sound cruel, I think we all breathed a sigh of relief when The Governor was finally recalled, from the mortal coil. The way it all went down was pitch perfect, and he certainly deserved to go, but it was still a bit bittersweet in its own way. had done such a phenomenal job playing the role that it was somehow sad to see him depart.

That seems to be the feeling of the creators of the series as they appear in this AMC tribute video to one of TV's most heinous villains. Give it a watch, if you're caught up, and tell us what you think.


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