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One of the greatest aspects about the YA adaptation of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones's advertising campaign is how it addresses its underworld of shadows. Except for one mention of "werewolves" in the initial trailer, Twilight-style villains have been left out in favor of "demons." In our post-Volturi world, this is a particularly smart move, especially when so many YA adult novels get a bad wrap with niche horror and sci-fi audiences.

The latest 5-minute clip from The Mortal Instruments is no different. In it, we see heroine Clary Fray () simultaneously confronting sword-wielding Jace () (reminiscent of John Connor questioning the Terminator in T2, albeit with more sexual tension right off the bat) and running home to check on her mother () who has just taken a major demon beating.

The clip is nowhere near as polished or appealing to adults as The Hunger Games, but it definitely has a more intense feeling compared to the likes of and her supernatural cohorts. It's Twilight with a less conservative message. It may be the visual equivalent of dubstep, but that's okay when you have the payoff of Collins decimating her kitchen.

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