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Scott Pierce

Star Trek Into Darkness has already proven itself to be one of the year's best blockbusters with stellar performances from , , , , and, you know, everyone else. However, one scene -- in which strips down to her skivvies -- has some people upset, claiming that director objectifies the actress with his lingering shot. Abrams explains this on by saying that he had a shirtless shot of Kirk earlier in the movie.

Whatever, Abrams. In the interest of "fairness," it would seem that the other shot should have been A) full body and B) lasted longer than it did. To his credit, Abrams also showed off a deleted scene in which John Harrison () took time away from being evil so that he could be naked and dripping with water. You can watch the video above or just watch this Gif over and over and over again:

Do you wish J.J. Abrams left the naked Benedict Cumberbatch scene in Star Trek Into Darkness?


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