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Matt Carter

The first trailer for 's gangster comedy The Family has dropped and it looks like stars and are in top form. The movie follows the Manzoni family, who have to relocate to France for witness protection after Giovanni Manzoni (De Niro) decides he's had enough of the mobster life and informs on his old colleagues. However, it seems that old habits die hard and the sleepy French village they now call home could be in for some explosive action.

Check out The Family trailer:

It's an inspired piece of casting to get both De Niro and Pfeiffer on board as both made a name for themselves starring in classic gangster movies. And although Besson is better known for his action-movie fare, The Family looks like it could be a really good action comedy.

What are your thoughts on The Family trailer? Will you be checking out the movie when it lands in theaters October 18th?


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