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Eszter Simor

Have you been in agonizing pain waiting for the new Walking Dead video game? You're in luck: Telltale Games finally released the first trailer of The Walking Dead: Season 2.

The game is an adaptation of 's award-winning comic book and a sequel to one of the highest reviewed games of 2012.

Gamers can play as Clementine, an orphaned girl, who quickly has to grow up in the apocalyptic zombie world to survive on her own. Players will be tested again on their morals and survival instincts, but what really makes it interesting is that their decisions and choices of the previous season will affect the new story. Have you made the right decisions in season 1? Will you be able to keep Clementine safe from the undead?

The trailer does not reveal much, apart from a soothing voice promising the little girl that one day things will change back to normal while the zombies keep marching around in the run down city's present reality... But will they really? One thing is for sure, in this crazy zombie world nobody can be trusted: the living can be just as bad as the dead.

Are your thumbs ready for season 2?




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