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Director breathes new life into the buddy cop brand of movie by pairing Miss Congeniality star and Bridesmaids' up-and-comer as law enforcers with ferociously different styles, in The Heat.

Fox has just released a new The Heat clip for us to muse over, showing Bullock's socially awkward character faced with a very unique kind of hospitality:

(via YouTube)

The Heat clip here sure shows us what kind of jovial capers we might be faced with, but for those of you who want a clearer rundown, here's the synopsis:

FBI special agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock) is efficient and tough as nails. But she's also a pain in the ass, which is why nobody wants to work with her. When Ashburn has to team up with short-tempered and crass Det. Joyce Nelson (McCarthy) to take down a Mexican druglord the heat is on...

Does this The Heat clip do enough to reignite your faith in the buddy cop genre? Sound off below.



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