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is a very prolific filmmaker and he is also quintessentially British. Since his 1995 debut Butterfly Kiss he has made twenty films and he has tried a lot of different genres. He has shot a sci-fi (Code 46), as well as a noir (The Killer Inside Me) and he has portrayed the British pop culture with films like 24 Hour Party People and the very recent The Look of Love that was a biopic about the British porn mogul, Paul Raymond. And he has also devoted five years of his life to create a very ambitious heart-wrenching drama, called Everday, premiering in theatres November 22.

To be correct, it has been more than a year, when Everyday premiered at the Telluride and Toronto Film Festivals in 2012. However, as Indiwire reports, the film will have its "proper", state-side release now, and with it comes a new trailer.

The video reveals that the style is hyper-realistic; it is almost like watching a documentary. The story chronicles the life of a family, where the father () has to serve 5 years in prison and during this time the mother () has to raise their children on her own, while she also tries to maintain her relationship with her husband through the restricted prison visits. What makes it truly unique is that Winterbottom was filming it for 5 years with four real life siblings (Shaun, Katrina, Stephanie and Robert Kirk), so we can literally watch the kids grow up in front of the camera. It looks like Winterbottom has captured the "everyday" life of his characters in an extraordinary movie.

Get your tissues out and watch the trailer here. It also features a beautiful score by .


(via Indiewire)


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